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All in one place

Smarter, easier, more efficient way to work and collaborate on projects with business parties to achieve more overall business goals.

Benefits for your business

We will hook up all your teams by analyzing your business flowchart to drive growth.

Everything a click away

All-in-One system

Smart Reporting

For better decisions

More control

An Eye over business

Save Time

Increase revenue 2x

Business Process Automation

Let your teams be more connected to each other to fulfill their objectives more efficiently without moving from their desk.

Increase your control over all departments of your business and get insight of what is happening inside or outside of your office without signing tons of papers everyday & without shouting to your managers.

The Old Way

The SmartB Way

Why Should you Switch to SmartBPM ?

In this time of competition you must need to put close eyes on your employees, potential customer, stakeholders and strategic partners. We understand you need to save time and monitor them to take more controlled and measurable Business decision.

Here, we are presenting the cost effective and Customized business process management solution with easy to use interface for busy business genius .So Scale your customer , vendor , employee and partner relationships today. We will use the best mixer of business module so that your business grow faster than the Falcon 9

Faster Communications

Connecting thousands of desks from your click away . Boost up work efficiency at your business with smart Connect

Smart Task Managment

Project Based , Independent micro task and assign management keep reminding employees of everything they assigned for.

Smart HR

Track your recruitment process , Employee Profile, roles , History , Work activity, attendance, and many more

Lead & Customer Managment

Super Easy Lead and Customer management keeps customer Engaged

Sales Operation

Its one click to create Quotation , Proposal , Estimate and Invoice and send them to customer and track their status.

Purchase & Inventory

With Smart Purchase and inventory Management system you can automate the process of


Multi account and journal based accounting system let your business accounts tight and accuirate

Commission Managment

Lets users getting commission based on rule of sales process . It helps motivating staffs and clients to promote your business further more.

Asset Managment

Lets you track status of each and every kind of asset in your business

Meeting Managment

With Smart Meeting Management you can manage and track every meeting to be held or already held for better time management

File Sharing

Lets your business docs safe and transferable to users without sending external mail or moving to the desk. Its a click and track

Smart Payroll

Based on Designation and facilities prepare your payroll by saving a lot of your office time.

Excel & Sheet

Let your employees create , import excel or csv files and let them work together on the file .

Calender & Booking

Lets your time to be booked as per availability of your time based on real time calendar

Notice Managment

Smart Notice board to announce anything to all or specific staff

eMail Managment

Send , Receive & Track your Business mails direct to your system

Time Sheet

Lets you track working hours of employees

Zoom Meeting

Lets you use zoom meeting direct from your system

Customer Royality

Create customer royalty model or memberships and manage them from the system.

Omni Channel 

Lets Omni Chanel sales system to connect all external sales point your business have

Supplier Managment

Lets your vendors activity to be tracked

Call Logs

Whom to Call , Whom called . Past Communication history etc.

Send Custom SMS

Send instant SMS through system to ensure better response in your business

Sync eCommerce

Create direct Store through inventory or track your web sales


You Dream we Connect

If your business have any function that needs to be automated , Our Experienced team always loves to develop new solution to meet that.

Lets Talk

I Want to be assured if my business can be automated ?

I have few questions over the process

Standby nodes with auto-failover

How do we impact ?

01. Discussion

We try to get everything your business going through

06. Start Using

We will train your business staff’s to excelarate the process of migration to the new era.

05. Development

It will take less than a week to set your business modules to the very secure server.

02. Research

We research similar business models around the globe , We make it fit with the local business environment.

03. Create Flowchart

We create a full operational flowchart with Standard operating system of your business.

04. Sketch Rolse

We then create specified business modules like invoicing , procurement, accounting , HR and anything that either practiced or need to be practiced for growth.

Let’s deal with a problem that holds you back ?

Smart Reporting

For Better Business decisions

Track Sales , Activity , Task , Meeting. Monitor Accounts , Asset and many more

Filter reports with periods

Generate Report and Export

Set Report Templates

Automatic reports on mail

The future of work is this

Create your own Destination.

Those who experianced us

Seems loved the transformation a lot

“The best way of simplifying the business process – I loved smartB”
Tashdik habib, MD – Cleanforce
“The process of our business become OneSpot Service Hub. Loved”
Johanna Watts

Check Technical Advantages

We always use technologies based on business or opearation you are doing.

Keep open APIs so the opportunity have no limits

We use Appropiate programs /languages with proper licences

The application and API always acts like “Plug and Play”

We will provide the server management and backup service for free (6 Month)




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