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Why is optimization necessary and where did it come from? From the first days of the era of computing, the question arose of saving space and increasing productivity of website. Programmers had to create complex capable programs that could work at very low processor speeds, use a few kilobytes of RAM and disk space. Therefore, all developers were interested in maximum website(speed &loading& performance in various device) performance with minimal code size.

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Both users and search engines do not like to wait long for a site to load, therefore, you should reduce its loading time to a minimum.In addition, search engines have a time limit for indexing your site. Therefore, Google has added the site load speed parameter as one of the ranking factors. In other words, if your pages do not load fast enough, then your site can significantly lose position.


People have even less patience, therefore, if a site loads long enough (or much slower than competitors), then they will simply close your site and will never return. Let’s look at the basic methods for increasing page loading speed.

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1.HTML optimization

Space compression

By combining repeated spaces and line breaks, you can reduce the total page size and, accordingly, reduce the time it takes to load the page. 

Reduced content at the top of the page code

To achieve maximum page loading speed at the top of the html code you need to use only the content (JavaScript, CSS) that is needed to load the first screen. The rest of the code should be placed at the bottom of the page. To all this, the necessary CSS and JavaScript blocks can be embedded directly into the html code of the page.

DNS pre-resolving

Using this optimization, you can tell the browser what addresses the external resources on this page can be located (for example, pictures, style files, javascript). This allows you to immediately resolve DNS names.

For example, this way you can speed up loading for analytics systems


Removing domain from URL in href and src attributes

You can shorten site code by converting absolute URLs to relative URLs for the href and src attributes.






Moving CSS to the HEAD section

This allows you to make a visual acceleration of the rendering of the page by the browser. In addition, for some browsers this action allows you to solve the problem of the effect of redrawing elements in case the styles themselves are written after this element.

Moving CSS Style Files Before JavaScript Scripts

This action will allow

  • better parallelize CSS and JacaScript file downloads

  • increase page rendering speed

Transferring small style descriptions to HTML

Transferring small style descriptions to 1K can help you reduce the number of server requests.

3.JavaScript optimization

Combining all javascript into one file

Similarly, combining CSS files, this optimization for JavaScript will reduce the required number of HTTP requests when loading a page.

JavaScript minimization

JavaScript minimization allows you to remove extra characters from the source file and reduce code size in special ways (for example, replacing long variables with shorter ones).


4.Image optimization

Deferred Image Upload

Using the Lazyload library, when loading a browser, you can load pictures that are in the visible area. This allows

  • significantly reduce the amount of initially downloaded information

  • reduce server load

Image combining

All the images that are used for website design can be combined into one big one, which will significantly reduce the number of HTTP requests when loading the page.

Big Data Analysis

Big Data is the designation of structured and unstructured data

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How this tricks work in smartphones and tablets

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The good keyword  will give you better Conversion 

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