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A dynamic, creative and rational digital business process development that includes three sprints: a unique mechanism for generating and evaluating new ideas, in-depth testing of the most promising strategic options and the final strategic choice, as well as setting an agenda for management.Unlike conventional media agencies that provide platforms for your advertising. SMART B  offer the following services by which one can judge the specifics of working in the digital sphere:

  1. Visualize idea into business(market research, finding key differentiator, gtm strategy)
  2. Acquisition process development(Campaign, channel selection ,funnel setup,lead management)
  3. Brand and reputation management(Brand voice, public relation, partner, influencer)
  4. Standard services (Media and contextual promotion, design, website production);
  5. Development of a comprehensive development strategy for the company in the digital environment.
  6. Work with online communities (groups and pages in social networks, blogs, forums, specialized sites)
  7. Organization of events, competitions (strategy, creativity, performance, performance analysis) in combinations of online / offline promotion
  8. Consumer transfer from online to offline sphere and back (stocks, activities, etc.)
  9. Experimental marketing of QR codes, geolocation services, RFD, Wow calls, augmented reality, etc.

Things Covered in

Partner Marketing

Work for common good

Partner marketing is an excellent method for expanding your reach and connecting with new prospects. When you partner with other companies to market and sell your products, you can tap into their audiences and combine your resources to improve your results.Smart partnership marketing opens up new market potential for the participants. A company having difficult time reaching out to a particular audience they can look at a company in a different business sector that already has access to those audience.

We understand this very much because we are working with many companies in different project and we know their customer as yours. So we can arrange to co host event or co branding product and service for both companies where We will tie up your partner with you according to the needs of both side to achieve specific and measurable goal and will follow these category.

  • Affiliation
  • Content
  • Distribution
  • Charitable
  • Joint products
  • Sponsorship

Influencer Engagement

Shout every possible way

we create and execute influencer showcasing techniques on a comprehensive way. In view of your business objectives, we shape the procedure that is ideal for it. This is associating you with the top web-based media influencers, vloggers and content makers to assist you with drawing in your business image among interest groups.

We handle everything: from creating imaginative ideas to campaign realization to measuring and reporting on the results, we ensure it’s done appropriately.

Facebook Advertise

We do not create campaigns only we create impacts. We support our merchants over there target.

Search Engine Optimizations

Targeting keyword based the need is priority while we do care about good contents that search engines love.

From Google to Any

We optimize your business for local search engines as well

Instagram Influence

Reach the right people on right time with people liked by people.

Google Ads Everywhere

Search placeing , Banner and Interactive lead campaign with smartB is really smart.

Local Ad Networks

For Bangladesh we are working with TechAds , RED&GREEN , SomewhereInBangladesh etc.

Youtube Ads

Specific videos to Specific Audiance makes it all now a days. You know Youtube is everywhere

Linked In Marketing

Find potential resources for your team . Reach Global Enterprises to offer services.

Twitter to Seek Attention

Managing twitter is always good for business

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We are helping small and medium businesses to discover a ingenious digital strategy & to endorse cost effective technology that saves time and makes business objectives traceable..

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