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We build online stores that works

Online stores
the best shopping environment

The development of online stores is a special competence of our team. Our work and feedback from our beloved clients speak about success in this area.

Your goal may be to create an online store in addition to the existing offline. In this case, you will receive a new channel to attract customers and a powerful sales tool integrated into the context of your business and marketing strategy.

In the case of creating a business from scratch, this is a significant savings in rent, staff salaries, equipment of trading rooms and seasonal window dressing. Now selling your products and services will be the right content – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will be much cheaper to equip your virtual store than to furnish a real boutique.

We decided to play for high stakes? Do business, and we will provide you with a high-tech online store that makes the process of shopping via the Internet a simple, convenient and exciting experience.


We do not just make websites. We develop powerful multi functional marketing tools and help solve problems for users and customers.

Mobile friendly

Your website will be perfectly displayed on any devices and browsers. Just imagine, already 60% of users access the Internet using mobile devices (TNS Web Index). To ignore such a huge audience is a huge omission. Or in your plans to donate 60% of customers to competitors?


Start of any project only after a detailed immersion in the business processes of each client. Understanding the real state of affairs, goals and objectives of the project, the target audience and its needs allow us to develop the right project implementation strategy.


The development can use the technology “Composite site”, due to which the site pages load up to 100 times faster, there is an increase in conversion and site positions in search engines

Beautiful code

The code is maximally optimized, which allows to increase the speed of the site, as well as comments on it in detail. This is a kind of etiquette – to work so that any programmer can quickly navigate and see what this or that piece of code is responsible for.

We exclude stereotyped

Over the years, we have gained experience in developing websites of various levels of complexity. We love non-standard projects, because we do not know how to think out of pattern – only creative approach, cool ideas and design.


Sites are surrendered according to the ” Quality Monitoring ” , which includes 66 tests. We will not leave you after the delivery of the project – the guarantee for our work is valid for 12 months and is written in the contract.

In everything we do, we are guided by three principles:

We do not lay the pitfalls in the contract

Partners and studio work talk about it

Never undertake what we cannot be proud of in the end.

What you get with online store.

Feature Overview

Product Catalog

Catalog of goods with a wide list of filters, “smart” search, several types of prices, comparison.

Multi functional item card

Purchase in 1 click, multi-currency, trade offers, purchase of a set or set.

Easy Ordering

Customizable ordering procedure, the choice of the type of payer, registration without registration.

Delivery and payment

Calculation of the cost of delivery, electronic payments, payment to the courier or non-cash payment.

Warehouse accounting

Total balance of goods, as well as balances in warehouses / shops.

Promotions and discounts

Customizable system of discounts: coupons, accumulative, for the total amount of the order.

Customer Account

Tracking order status, purchase history, internal account and more.

Integration with CRM and ERP-systems

Two way data exchange: always up-to-date balances, prices, orders.

Advanced promotions

Related products, with this product buy, the possibility of buying a set.


Pre-Project Analytics
Design Fase 2

We are guided by the principle “think first, then do it” – that is why we ask so many questions at this stage. 

Through the definition of goals and objectives, understanding the target audience of its needs, through immersion into the company’s business processes, we come to an understanding of the functionality of the future system and a clear technical task.

  • Technical Director
  • Art Director
  • Marketer
  • Project manager

The interactive prototype imitates the work of the developed site in the browser so that you can see the system in action even before the start of design development, promptly make edits and implement new ideas. 

Information architecture, interaction scenarios, calls to action (call-to-action), goals, and conversions help evaluate convenience and effectiveness for different target groups and visit stages. So we bring the project to mind and reinsure it from mistakes.

Designed and approved prototype goes into the work of art director and designer. The objective of this stage is its perfect visualization in accordance with the corporate style and mood of the project. 

After finalizing the layout of the main page of the site to the ideal state, the layouts for the secondary pages are developed.

  • Art Director
  • Leading designer
  • Project manager
The coder with the designer enlivens the developed layouts with effects, animation and interactive. 

The result is the corresponding original concept of the site page, which is ideally displayed in all browsers and devices.

  • Front-end developer
  • QA specialist
  • Leading designer
At this stage, the integration of the layout in the  CMS-system and programming of the entire functionality according to the technical task. 

The design, interface and control system is connected to a single algorithm for the interaction of all modules.

  • Group of programmers
  • Project manager
  • Technical Director
We perform full site integration with  CRM systems (Bitrix24, POS, retailCRM, AmoCRM, etc.), ERP (1C, SAP, etc.) and other services (sms, e-mail, etc.). 

Integration creates a single information space of the company and optimizes the processes of sales, marketing, customer interaction, wholesale trade, distribution, logistics, workflow, etc.

  • Group of programmers
  • Technical Director
  • Project manager
Stage when the site is filled with meaning. You can order a unique, appetizing, selling content in the studio or provide your own. 

Filling can be done both by the customer and by the studio specialists.

  • Content manager
QA specialist tests the site for errors in layout, functionality and integration between systems. In case of detection – bugs are eliminated.
  • QA specialist
  • Content manager
We are jealous of the inaccurate filling of the site, leading our “offspring” to the loss of the original appearance, so many customers trust us to lead and develop projects developed by us. 

We generate content, fill the site, if necessary, refine the system and introduce fresh “chips” – all so that the site develops and maximally meets the needs of users and customers.

  • Front-end developer
  • Group of programmers
  • Leading designer
  • Content manager