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Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a simple and effective method of promoting goods and services on the Internet that does not require significant costs. Mass mailing allows users to always be aware of current offers, stimulating their interest in the brand and increasing the percentage of repeat sales.This is a type of marketing that involves sending out advertising letters to potential customers. This approach requires the consent of customers to receive promotional messages of the brand. To do this, marketers give them the opportunity to subscribe to company mailings.

How we do this !

Email Marketing Systems

The mailing list management system is a modern email marketing automation tool, which is a reliable alternative to manual mailing. We install and configure Email-marketing systems based on OpenEMM, using the capacities of our servers or client servers.

Development of an advertising message

Advertising and informational text messages should be no less interesting and useful for the user than his daily electronic correspondence. Quality selling letters require beautiful design, interesting content and a message prompting action.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are your virtual sales consultants who present the product to visitors and help them turn into buyers. To create effective landigins, an understanding of consumer psychology and the ability to show the product in a favorable light are necessary.

Mailing of letters

Newsletter becomes a powerful promotion tool only with strict adherence to a number of rules. The positive reaction of users to advertising messages is the result of an accurate determination of the target audience, the correct selection of the frequency of distribution and well-designed content.

Data analysis

Analyze the effectiveness of mailing lists to identify errors, improve communication with the audience and increase the percentage of responses. A comprehensive analysis of user activity allows Email marketing to be more meaningful, tracking user reactions and reinforcing successful practices.

We are a team of experts

Entrusting our specialists with the administration of their mailing lists, you get a competitive advantage in the form of modern tools and a high level of competence. Extensive experience in organizing advertising and newsletters allows us to guarantee an increase in traffic without compromising the brand’s reputation, and, as a result, stable sales growth.

The cost of using email as an advertising channel for goods and services is much lower than in most other forms of marketing. Business does not spend money on posters or brochures. There are no fees for sending promotional messages, unlike standard advertising in the display space. In addition, the automation of email newsletters helps marketers reduce the time spent on advertising.

What drives your website great results

Page Optimization

  • Internal Link Structuring
  • HTML Code Cleanup
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content Optimization

Internal Site Audit

  • Internal Link Structuring
  • HTML Code Cleanup
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content Optimization

Content Marketing

  • Internal Link Structuring
  • HTML Code Cleanup
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content Optimization

Technical SEO

  • Internal Link Structuring
  • HTML Code Cleanup
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content Optimization

Keyword Search

what your potential customers or customers are looking for.

Competitive Analysis

Define a portfolio of competitors and compare it with the portfolio of your company. 

Link Building

Let other people or business refer your business. 

Web Marketing Analytics

1.Monitoring advertising campaigns

2.Behavioral analysis

3.Adjusting the behavior of visitors & so on

Optimized Websites
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