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Feature Overview

What you get with your corporate site

Integration with CRM and ERP-systems

Two way data exchange: always up-to-date balances, prices, orders.


Closed sections, available only for authorized users. Personal account for users.

Customer Relationship Management

Notifications in the personal account, e-mail, SMS and in the ERP-system of the enterprise on the status of orders.

Implementing self-service tools

Reducing the number of errors in ordering, reducing the cost of manual data processing and reporting.

Document flow optimization

Automatic invoicing, generation of invoices, invoices, request for original documents are made in the LC.

Optimization of business processes A

Well–¬†established mechanism for adding counterparties.

Single information space

Ensuring uniform access to information about the company, its divisions, contacts of employees, electronic archives of documents.

Time management

Rational use of staff time, telephony, mobile communications.


Integration and Automation

Successful online stores and Business systems require constant updating of large amounts of data on the site and building an effective system of interaction between customers / customers and the company.


We are bunch of impressive Techy Geek who loves not just make websites but connect powerful multi functional tools to for your business and help solve problems for users and customers.

Mobile friendly

Your website will be perfectly displayed on any devices and browsers. Just imagine, already 60% of users access the Internet using mobile devices (TNS Web Index). To ignore such a huge audience is a huge omission. Or in your plans to donate 60% of customers to competitors?


Start of any project only after a detailed immersion in the business processes of each client. Understanding the real state of affairs, goals and objectives of the project, the target audience and its needs allow us to develop the right project implementation strategy.


The development can use the technology “Composite site”, due to which the site pages load up to 100 times faster, there is an increase in conversion and site positions in search engines

Beautiful code

The code is maximally optimized, which allows to increase the speed of the site, as well as comments on it in detail. This is a kind of etiquette – to work so that any programmer can quickly navigate and see what this or that piece of code is responsible for.

We exclude stereotyped

Over the years, we have gained experience in developing websites of various levels of complexity. We love non-standard projects, because we do not know how to think out of pattern – only creative approach, cool ideas and design.


Sites are surrendered according to the ” Quality Monitoring ” , which includes 66 tests. We will not leave you after the delivery of the project – the guarantee for our work is valid for 12 months and is written in the contract.

In everything we do, we are guided by three principles:

We do not lay the pitfalls in the contract

Partners and studio work talk about it

Never undertake what we cannot be proud of in the end.