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Target Strategy

Target strategy allows you to give reasoned answers to questions of why, to whom, when, what, where and how to advertise. Relying on objective data – about the business, market, competitors and target audience.

What our expert team do for your business targeting strategy

1.who are you and why

This is a question about the company we are advertising. About the value that it provides and its differences from competitors.

2. WHO: studying the target audience

In order to build effective communication in digital, we need to know our target audience well.

  • Tasks and pains.  We must clearly understand what tasks consumers want to solve with the help of our product and what difficulties they encounter.

An example of a taxi consumer’s task is to conveniently get to the right place, pain is a long time waiting for a taxi and old groomed cars.

  • Values ​​and social status. What is important for our target on a global scale – family, achievements, entertainment, status? What place do they occupy in society – with whom do they work, with whom do they communicate, with whose opinions are they considered? Such a deep understanding of consumers will allow us to build truly individual communication.

3. WHEN: we understand the way of the buyer

One of the main goals of marketing is to communicate with the buyer when he makes a purchasing decision. Therefore, it is important to understand what steps the consumer takes and what decisions he takes on each of them.

  • Consumer decision journey.  Previously, a classic four-step sales funnel was used to describe the customer’s path. But in the digital era, the path has changed and become more complicated. 

4. WHAT: what we say

Communication  is one key thought that a consumer must make from advertising communication. The task of the advertising message is to transfer the consumer to the next step on the path to purchase.

What we will talk about depends on our value and positioning, the stage of the customer’s journey and the channel that we use. It is also important to consider the advertising messages that our direct competitors are delivering – in order to rebuild.

5. WHERE: selection of promotion channels

At this stage, we already understand through which channels we can communicate with the consumer – we have studied the target audience. We also know the steps that the consumer takes on the path to purchase, and how he behaves on each of them – what information and how he is looking for. And we already know what advertising messages we want to convey. Moreover, we know which digital tools and how our competitors use.

6. HOW: implementation

This question is about translating our strategy into reality. What exactly do we need to do now.

  • Prescribe goals and KPI.  Goals exist at 4 levels – business, marketing, digital marketing and digital tools. Goals at lower levels stem from higher ones. After the goals are approved at each level, we prescribe performance indicators for them – how we will measure their achievement.


Why do yo need a targeting strategy

Who needs a marketing plan? You. It’s for you, because only you are interested in the success of your own business. And without a strategy, it is hardly possible to stay on the market. But the question is different.


  • Who needs your product / service?

The development of a marketing strategy primarily involves determining the target audience (hereinafter – the target audience), that is, groups of people who are your potential customers. But it is impossible to determine them by 1-2 criteria. Let’s take a look at a specific example.

Imagine that your business is selling makeup products. However, no matter how paradoxical this may sound, you cannot say that your target audience is all women aged 18 to 70. Firstly, just not every woman uses decorative cosmetics. Secondly, not everyone can afford your products, and you only deal with elite brands. Therefore, we immediately cut off those whose income is less than 50,000.Retired women are also off the list. Thirdly, your cosmetics consists only of natural ingredients, so it can cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. Fourth … although, perhaps, this is enough for an example. Have you already felt how the circle of potential customers has narrowed? Choosing a niche in the market, you immediately limit your target audience.


  • What do you suggest?

Without a clear wording of the USP (unique selling proposition) do not expect success. You must understand how your product or service is fundamentally different (for the better, of course) from those offered by competitors. And these benefits need to be conveyed to your target audience.



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